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What is Family Medical Management?

A Basic Outpatient Medical Plan designed for individuals, families and small business looking to save money on their medical care needs. There are five medical centers in the Philadelphia areas. As a member, you simply show your membership card when visiting any of our participating offices.
The Family Medical Services Plan is a basic physician services plan organized by physicians who have become frustrated with the constant limitations imposed by traditional health insurance plans.

Is the Family Medical Management Plan an insurance plan or insurance policy?

No. We are physicians who provide physician services. We are not an insurance company and the plan is not insurance. Most importantly, not all types of health care are covered under this plan. Instead we strive to give affordable physician services to those who do not want to pay for- or cannot afford -full featured health insurance coverage.

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How is it different from other non-insurance health programs?

With the Family Medical Services Plan, you can receive a wide range of basic physician services in our offices with no additional out-of-pocket expenses. You pay only an initial fee and your monthly payment for these "Covered Services" We also provide certain other tests in our offices for an additional charge


What physician services are included for the monthly payment?

Adults will be able to use their memberships for unlimited sick visits to our offices and for yearly physicals and blood work.
Children are eligible for unlimited sick visits to our offices, yearly physicals and immunizations, well child care, well baby care and blood lead screening.
Our team of health specialists manage a wide variety of disease states with special interests in hypertension, diabetes, asthma, arthritis and high

Covered Services

How do I enroll?

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We have 5 convenient locations:

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